Upcoming 2023 Events

September 26  - The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) (Vesterlund)

September 29 - Vanderbilt University (Weingart)

October 2 International Authors' Stage, Den Sorte Diamant, Copenhagen (Vesterlund)

October 4 -  Djøf, Copenhagen (Vesterlund)

October 9 - Women@SCS, Carnegie Mellon University (Weingart)

October 11 -- Professional Women's Network (PWN) Netherlands Book Club (Weingart)

October 14 Kavli Plenary Lecture, The Annual Society for Neuroeconomics Conference, Vancouver (Vesterlund)

November 8 – University of Massachusetts Amherst (Vesterlund)

November 13 University of North Dakota (Weingart) 

November 21  Living Institute (Vesterlund)

December 9 - Society of Pediatric Anesthesia/ Women's Empowerment and Leadership Initiative (Weingart) 

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