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Upcoming 2023 Events

April 12 School of Computing and Information, University of Pittsburgh (Vesterlund)

April 13-14 Temple University, Philadelphia (Weingart) 

April 14 Duquesne University MBA Careers class (Peyser)

April 19 University of Louisiana Monroe (Peyser)

April 23 The Judy Project - Rotman School of Management (Weingart)

May 4  Behavioral Science and Policy Association annual conference (Weingart)

May 5 University of Chicago Booth  (Weingart)

May 10 UPMC Women in IT (Weingart)

May 15 Novo Nordisk (Vesterlund)

May 18 – University of Minnesota (Vesterlund)

May 22-24 University of Washington (Weingart)

May 24 1787 Society Annual Luncheon, University of Pittsburgh (Vesterlund)

May 26 Japanese Economic Association keynote (Vesterlund, online)

June 14 Women at Moloco (Peyser)

August 28 – September 1, EEA Congress,  State of the Art Sessions, Barcelona, Spain (Vesterlund)

October 2 International Authors' Stage, Den Sorte Diamant, Copenhagen (Peyser and Vesterlund)

October 14 Kavli Plenary Lecture, The Annual Society for Neuroeconomics Conference, Vancouver (Vesterlund)

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