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Upcoming 2022 Events

December 7, KVINFO Mangfoldighed i praksis (Vesterlund)

December 9, UK Staff Development Forum (Weingart)

December 12, Female Empowerment Maastricht Keynote Address, University of Maastricht (Vesterlund)

December 15, Copenhagen Business School (Vesterlund)

2023 Events

January 4 - 5, Israel OB Conference, Tel Aviv (Weingart)

January 10, Technion University, Haifa (Weingart)

February 1, Colorado School of the Mines (Peyser)

February 2, Washington University - St. Louis (Weingart)

February 9, Temple University, Philadelphia (Weingart)

February 16, OBHR/ADVANCE Seminar, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland (Weingart)

February 21, American Bar Association TIPS Women Trial Lawyers Committee (Weingart)

March 10, MBA Access Weekend, Tepper School of Business (Weingart)

May 26, Japanese Economic Association keynote (Vesterlund, online)

August 28 – September 1, EEA Congress, State of the Art Sessions, Barcelona, Spain (Vesterlund)

October 14, 2023, Kavli Plenary Lecture, The Annual Society for Neuroeconomics Conference, Vancouver (Vesterlund)

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